Its time

To find happiness

Dig deep into the wells of life

Or you wont be able to jump out of the rife

So many dictators around

You would think the Hitler trend is back

When you heard of the rumours of Ophir

You doubted the idea of wealth hidden somewhere

That is happiness for you

The time is now






Tears of nature

The pain of waiting
Watching others celebrating
Success seems like a faraway cry
As you ponder in bed
A stream of tears reminds you that you are not dreaming
Patience pays they say
Nature knows you are a patient human being
Favour should be on your side now
All hope is not lost but your surroundings tell you a different story
Its not easy
They asked for your sister’s hand yesterday
You will be a bridesmaid again
Your life is like a movie
The only difference is it still reaches the end and you are still single
Age is just number they say,educate and improve yourself
Cant you see the tears of nature on me?


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